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Snowmobile Annual Service   $120.00 for two wheel drive

                                                $140 for four wheel drive

Up to two spark plugs*

Oil Change

Chain Case Oil

New Oil Filter

Lubricate Chain

Adjust Chain/Belt

Lubricate Cables

Simple Carburetor Adjustment/Drain Bowl

Service Air Cleaner\Air Box

Check Brakes

Check Lights

Up to three hours (in excess of 3 will be charged at shop rate $75.00/hr)

Test run & final adjustments*After two plugs, plugs will be cleaned & replaced as needed at customer expense (assuming $3.00 per spark plugs, more expensive plugs could be installed as customer requests)

Motorcycle Annual Service   $140.00 for both Metric and Harley                 

Up to Two Spark Plugs with Metric, Harley replacement plugs are an extra charge

Simple Carburetor Adjust/Drain Bowl

Primary Oil OR Shaft Oil Change

New Oil Filter

Lubricate Chain

Adjust Chain/Belt

Grease/Lubricate Cables

Service Air Cleaner

Adjust Chain/Belt

Check Brakes Pads

Check Tire Inflation

Check Lights

Up to two hours (in excess of 2 hours charged at shop rate of $75.00 an hour)

Test Run & Final Adjustments

New Hampshire State Motorcycle Inspection**

One of our satisfied customers!  Hi Callie!  Spring is around the corner and we will be ready to put in that income tax return purchase of  that CAM!!  You deserve it!  This is Callie tryin' out her new zipper 1250 kit and riding  to the raceway to test it.  Quite a change from her stock 883!